Friday, July 23, 2010

Dan Masucci Extended Interview

Against the Wind
In the twilight of his life, Ned reflects on his past, his remaining years, and discovers how his role in life has changed. Against the Wind is a sentimental film that shows the old truly are young at heart and that universal emotions live within us all.

Michael Gaylin Extended Interview

Deep in a military bunker, the war raging just outside and a team of U.S. soldiers interrogates three Arab detainees. One prisoner is surely a dangerous terrorist, the others innocent civilians - but will the Americans find the right one? The outcome rests on the skills of one appallingly inept interpreter. In this powerful satire of war in the post 911 world, where language and cultural differences seem hopeless barriers to understanding and peace, one simple slip of the tongue leads to increasingly absurd misunderstandings.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daniel DeFabio Extended Interview

Extreme Yoga Smackdown
In the world of competitive yoga, four yogis have risen to the highest level of the practice, but one by one they must fall. In Extreme Yoga Smackdown there can be only one poser left posing. Keep your third eye open for all the yoga action.

Nathan Meltz Extended Interview

The Chicken Coup is the life cycle of a robotic chicken in a factory farm, told in a Dada collage-meets-stop-animation style. Plenty of machine on machine and main on machine violence ensues as the chicken protagonist attempts to grow and survive within an agricultural system designed by sadists. Within the prison of the battery cage, is there any hope of escape?

Kevin Craig West and Susie Griswold Extended Interview

Another Game
Self titled producer, Cornelius Jackson decides to test market Gussi Sriswold's screenplay, 'A Killer Game'. His testing leads to intentionally deadly consequences.

Rug City Brigade

Rug City Brigade is a short interview and music video of young skateboarders in Amsterdam, NY (the carpet city). Interview includes questions of individuality and experiences dealing with local police.

Checkout some more info on Rug City Brigade and filmmaker Michael Landrio:

Nick Benson and Matthew Moloney Extended Interview

Man Out of Time: The Captain America Story A Man Out of Time: The Captain America Story follows the history of the super hero from his inception during WWII until his sudden death in the dawn of the new millennium. The film pulls audiences into the comic book world and explores the possibility that Captain America and his story directly reflect real-world American struggles.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Joy E. Reed Extended Interview

Outcomes – Ron Nyswaner
Joy E. Reed
It’s a series of 5 documentary shorts drawn from interviews with an array of LGBTQ people residing in New York ’s Hudson Valley who have come out of the closet. The project puts a human face on a highly politicized subject; The subjects include Alix Dobkin, a lesbian musical pioneer and feminist icon from the 1970’s; Leigh Noble, a Trans mathematician; Ted Hayes, a former Baptist minister; Anise Cruzado, a Latina beautician; and Ron Nyswaner, screenwriter of the groundbreaking film Philadelphia and gay rights activist. The project was co-produced with the Kingston LGBTQ Community Center with support from the Dutchess County Arts Council.

Jacqueline Kirkpatrick Extended Interview

Tape #77
Jacqueline Kirkpatrick
Tape #77 is a car ride filmed by Jon, a budding documentary maker. He is taping his life, though ironically, the audience never gets to meet him or know him. He hides behind his camera and turns it on to witness the brief moments between a couple, Rob and Mardi, as they drive to a local clinic with a decision weighing in the air. Once they reach their destination, Mardi wants to turn back. Her boyfriend is not so sure.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sandy Creek Lodge's END CREDITS!

Mr. Cring was kind enough to allow us to cut his end credits in order to allow more time for his on-air interview. Please click below to see the end credits of his short film, Sandy Creek Lodge in their entirety!

Thanks Jon!