Thursday, June 5, 2008

TvFILM's selected short film list!

Here is a list of the selected short films we will be screening this Saturday and will later be broadcast as part of the TvFILM television series.

Gather – Matt Frieburhaus
In this animated short, a representational figure transforms as it gathers from a specific being or object in a scene. Eventually, the figure is a composite from multiple aspects of its lifespan becoming less natural and more technological in the process.

Silver Lining – Ben Alpi
Joseph is on his way to work and, as usual, is assailed by bad news and bad attitudes. Luckily, this morning is destined to surprise him. A contemporary drama, Silver Lining is a short film dealing with current events and the wondrous wisdom of children.

From The Mountain Top: The History of Adirondack Fire Towers – Michael Camoin
A documentary –work-in-progress about the remaining fire towers developed in the early 1900's, which led to preserving and protecting the world's largest forest preserve. Today, these man-made structures and historic national landmarks are threatened, despite their significant and symbolic role they represent as man's greatest environmental achievement to live in balance with our natural surroundings.

The Cookies Fortune – Christian Nachtrieb & Micah Phillips
A documentary on the myth behind the fortune cookie; and some insight as to where the mysterious treat actually originated.

Seven Days of Samsara – Travis Breitenbach
A middle-aged man awakens and goes about his morning routine – washing his face, brushing his teeth, making and eating his breakfast – totally unaware that his house is on fire.

Johnny – John Yost
While driving across country, a man searches his memories for an answer to the differences between rage and love. Like with all emotions, there exists a fine line that we must all learn how to find and control.

Boxed In – Joy E. Reed
Kate is in the middle of moving out of her tiny apartment when her technically challenged mother calls for computer help. When mom ends up interrogating Kate about her life, Kate reveals a secret that shocks Mom to her foundations. Her mother furiously hangs up the phone, leaving Kate momentarily stunned. When the phone rings again, Kate is caught off-guard by the voice on the other end.

Breaking Up – Jeff Burns
Thinking that her friend can’t hear her over a bad cell phone connection, a young woman confesses something to him that may end their friendship.

Letting Go – Dan Masucci
A father struggles with his son’s growing independence in this heartfelt short film about a boy who decides to put away his security blanket.

The Unopened Door – Elizabeth Hupcey
The Unopened Door is a story about a princess who must make a choice between power and responsibility. With the help of her tutor and the secret that lies behind a mysterious door, she learns what it takes to be queen.

Sittin’ on a Million – Penny Lane & Annmarie Lanesey
Mame Faye did not exist. At least that’s what the history books would have you believe. Prostitutes and madams, no matter how popular and successful, are not part of legitimate history. But the citizens of Troy, New York insist that Mame Faye did exist. Everyone past the age of retirement has a story – funny, sordid, unbelievable – about Troy’s most famous madam.

Distractions – Kevin Craig West
As technology expands, so goes ones focus. When tragedy strikes, how does one react? Whether good or bad, karma rules.

Only 16 – Michael Chameides
Only 16, a collaboration between filmmaker Michael Chameides and several Hudson teenagers, offers a collective critique of the criminalization of youth.

Corpus – Marty Hardin
Corpus Is the Latin word for body. In his latest project, filmmaker Marty Hardin takes a look, from an artist perspective, at old and new technology and how it is used to explore the human form.

Confessions of a Conflicted Filmmaker – Eleanor Goldsmith
In this short Ms. Goldsmith has attempted to create a form of documentary, called Machinima documentary. Machinima documentary combines the techniques and language of traditional filmmaking with the interactive and per formative aspects of social software (Second Life) in order to examine some of the ethical challenges in this new hybrid non-fiction/fiction genre.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The TvFILM blog is live! Consider this your one stop, shopping guide to upstate NY independent filmmaking! We’re going to show or maybe even prove that you don’t have live in the Big Apple or sunny Los Angeles to make, watch or enjoy true independent cinema! Don’t believe me? Watch the television premiere of TvFILM, Thursday, June 12th at 10pm, right here on WMHT! If you can’t wait till then we have just the answer–
The TvFILM Short Film Screening happening Saturday, June 7th at 1pm, here at the WMHT Studios, Troy, NY! We’ll premiere all the short films that will later be broadcast as apart of the TvFILM television series. Come out and be the first to see some original, daring, amazing, diverse and inspiring short independent films with the filmmakers in attendance. Admission is free but seating is limited so please RSVP at or call 518-880-FILM.
Oh, and keep your eye on our blog – we’re going to have some cool behind-the-scenes stuff and extra filmmaker content coming very soon.