Thursday, June 12, 2008

TvFILM Episode 1 Promo

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Anonymous said...

I was pleased to see the effort of giving more exposure to area filmmakers reach the broadcast arena and a little disappointed that it didn't actually make WMHT's actual, full broadcast agenda by being put on their main signal, WMHT-HD. Oh well. Maybe next season. Once I found the broadcast on the analog signal I was pleased to see the treatment of our friends as real filmmakers.

The selection of films for the first episode was a bit unbalanced in quality, but, I'm sure there were reasons for selecting those that were chosen. I guess it established a spectrum from which to expect the rest of the season. We have a very diverse base of filmmaking talent in this area and not all of it appeals to all audiences. This first foray into giving a broad platform I guess achieved the best it could in setting that stage of expectation.

In all, I applaud the effort and look forward to the future shows and seasons.

Good luck,
A fellow filmmaker