Friday, August 16, 2013

Stopped on the street!

Last week I went to the Spectrum to see “Elysium.”  I know, not very indie but I liked the director’s first film, “District 9.”  Anyway, as I left the theater a man I did not know greeted me.  He walked up and asked if I was the host of the program on PBS that shows local short films?  I was surprised but said yes and we shook hands.

I’m not complaining here, but the whole television hosting deal is really, really surreal, especially now that I have a different day job besides working at WMHT.  If you could imagine working as a carpenter for 51 weeks a years and for one week you are a chef.  That is kind of the feeling I have.  During that one week (actually three shooting days) I stand in front of hot lights and a green screen and do my best to read the teleprompter (*SPOILER).  It’s all very Twilight Zone with some Truman Show mixed in.

So, when someone comes up to me actually saying they saw me on the television it is always surprising.  Usually I hear second hand from my wife or mother that so and so saw me. The gentleman at the Spectrum said he liked the variety of films shown and inquired if the series was broadcast outside the Capital Region.  We spoke for a few seconds and he was on his way, leaving me under the basking glow of neon marquee, thinking people are watching!  They’re really watching!