Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Call - TvFILM Season Finale!

Here's what's on tap this Sunday for the TvFILM season finale:

Know Candy
Jon Russell Cring and Tracy Cring
Mitchell is a successful lawyer, yet bored by the tedium of his work. His life takes a turn when he follows clues from a string of mysterious text messages.

The Universal
John W. Yost
John's Dad almost died from a motorcycle accident. The Universal is an experimental narrative that uses the idea of a time-traveling motorcycle to fulfill the part of John that can never go back and warn his father. Each piece is a small piece of the bigger puzzle and it is up to the audience to fill in those gapes of space and time with their own experiences.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Project VoiceScape: Capital Region Youth Voices

This week on TvFILM we feature an interview with students from Tech Valley H.S. and Youth Media Sanctuary. Please tune in to hear their thoughts on participating in the Capital Region Youth Voices. After you watch TvFILM, Sunday at 10:30pm, please go to to see all of the student short films in their entirety. Here is a complete list:

Lost Rights
Antonio Pabon YMS

Head In The Clouds
Kayla Delano, John Hendricks II Tech Valley HS

Paint Me As I Am
Brianna Sorriento, Lindsy Bystroff YMS

What Would You Do?
Kate Berdan, Sarah Dwyer, Lawrence Greene, Jackie Hall Tech Valley HS

Youth Media Sanctuary: Behind The Scenes
James Eleby YMS

Unity vs. Division
Corey Doughty, Isabel Gerrain, Ben Moloney, Halle Prentice Tech Valley HS

The Have And Have Nots
Madena Henderson YMS

The Over-reactive Tendencies of Adults
Grant Beals, Rose Biggerstaff, Elizabeth Mosher Tech Valley HS

Inside Out
Matt Holland, Nate Hileman, Kaliel Williamson Tech Valley HS

Searching For The Answer
Chelsea Kereszi YMS

Please visit Youth Media Sanctuary for more info!

C. Ryder Cooley Extended Interview

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday's Brand NEW Line-up

Bart Woodstrup and C.Ryder Cooley
Animalia is an inter-species fairytale about a girl who is disenchanted with the world and wishes she could fly. She joins the circus only to discover it is a secret military operation. She then runs away to the woods and falls under the spell of a mystical deer. When she becomes an antlered deer-creature, she finally achieves flying powers and enters an ethereal world of hybrid creatures.

Project Voicescape: Capital Region Youth Voices
This past June students from Tech Valley High School and Youth Media Sanctuary participated in Capital Region Youth Voices. This project allowed them to utilize digital media tools to create short films about stories and issues that concerned them. Tune in to hear about their experiences and to watch some of their work.

Sunday at 10:30pm only on WMHT!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This week we've got 5 short films packed into one exciting episode:

So Long Baby
Joe Glickman
As both a singer and filmmaker, Mr. Glickman pays tribute to rock and roll singer, Del Shannon, in his music video, “So Long Baby.”

January 3, 2009, Gaza
Jacqueline Weaver
This short film is a reconstruction of the Gaza tunnel bombings in early 2009. The piece combines actual recorded audio from the events with a staged bombing.

Spectrum Popcorn
Anthony Salamone
Spectrum Popcorn is a short film that captures the unique flavor of a neighborhood movie theatre and the mechanics of the cinematic experience, from the popcorn machine to the projection room.

Chicken Feed
Kevin Craig West and Kathleen Carey
Deeply engrossed in her mystery novel, Mary gets annoyed with George about the daily chores.

Transmigration #1
Tony Grocki and Matt Baier
This short film takes a look at the meaning of life.

Sunday at 10:30pm!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday's slate of shorts!

This week's episode features student filmmakers from across the Capital Region!

Reel Adventures Presents Phenomenon
Shira Siegel, Tyler Barhydt and Scott Terwilliger
A boy’s anxieties lead to a pretty strange day…at night. His strange world reveals itself to be a construct of his own worried mind. Produced from script to screen and everything in between by middle school students from all over the Capital District, this award-winning short tells a story all kids can relate to.

Youth FX Presents The Third Rail
Darian Henry and Michael Mejia
The entire adult population has been killed by a mysterious virus that only affects those 21 and over. Millions of children all across the country are forced to fend for themselves. THE THIRD RAIL follows a small group of teenagers trying to survive and find hope in this post-apocalyptic world. They band together and face challenges they never imagined while searching for some way to reclaim the lives they once knew.

Tune in this Sunday at 10:30pm!

Remember, you can watch previous episodes online at!