Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's Your Something?

Did you know that Austin City Limits is the longest running concert music program on television? It was started way back in 1976 at the University of Texas. Fast forward thirty plus years and you need only watch the likes of The Arcade Fire, Mos Def or Pearl Jam perform live to know it’s as relevant now as it ever was. It’s just one of many amazing programs on public television (Saturdays at 11pm on WMHT). Yes, I said public television. Ok, stop snickering, I know about the SNL skits and tote bag jokes that everyone usually thinks about when you say the words “public television.” But maybe, and call me biased, as we go forward in this age of 500 digital cable channels, Netflix and social networking, maybe public television can be the one place that will give you something. You fill in the blank what that something is. My something is to help bring Upstate independent film right into your living room with TvFILM and re-define what you think independent film is in 2010!
What’s your something?

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