Monday, May 9, 2011

TvFILM Mission Re-Statement

The announcement of this year’s short films and filmmakers will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, for the record, here is TvFILM’s Mission Re-Statement:

TvFILM is a showcase of upstate independent short films and a spotlight for the filmmakers who created them. We are here to nurture the regional independent film community by using the power of public media. Our goal is to bring as many short films and filmmakers as possible to our audience, through television, the web and even radio. TvFILM is NOT a contest. There are no winners or losers. Think of TvFILM not just as a television series, but as a lighthouse shining our light the brightest we can on the region's independent films and filmmakers.

OK, maybe the lighthouse bit was too much but you get the point.

TvFILM, your film on your public television station!

Stay tuned for Season 3.0 premiering on WMHT, Sunday, June 26th at 10:30pm!

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