Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Season Premiere this Sunday at 10:30pm!

Here are the films that will be apart of our season premiere this Sunday at 10:30pm!

Stop Motion
Michael Grant and Jon Galt
A successful animator inherits a generic disorder that robs him of his ability to move and continue his work. His mind remains intact as his body relentlessly betrays him. This experimental documentary illustrates an artist’s need to create in the face of ever-increasing obstacles.

Youth FX presents Seeds of Hope
Mohamed Gardner and Imani Peterkin
Ever since her son Eleek Williams was shot and killed on his 24th birthday in May 2006, Allison Banks has vowed not to let him become another forgotten casualty of gun violence in the inner cities of America. SEEDS OF HOPE is a short documentary film about a mother determined to turn tragedy into hope and her struggle to bring positive change to her neighborhood in the South End of Albany, NY.

Check back soon for extended filmmaker interviews and more info!

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