Thursday, October 1, 2015


This Halloween prepare yourself for TvFILM’s Night of Frights- a first-ever, one-hour television special featuring the spookiest, scariest, most-fun you’re going to have watching television films this All Hallows Eve. 

TvFILM will present locally made thrills and chills by Capital Region filmmakers!  The Grim Reaper, zombies, ghosts, a babysitter, Jehovah’s Witness’, Rod Sterling(kinda of) and that’s just a little of what’s in store.  So, buy some candy, carve the pumpkin, gather the kids, lock the doors, pull the shades, and call the neighbors!  What else?  Oh, look in the mirror and say, “Candyman” three times then pop some popcorn and huddle around the tube for more treats than tricks!

Along the way, we’re going to dive into that large but little talked about part of the independent filmmaking, the horror movie genre!  Tune-in, if you dare, Thursday, October 29th at 10pm only on WMHT! 

Wait!  Keep reading!  We’re also, having a corresponding screening event at The Linda in Albany for “Night of Frights!”  Come out Friday, October 30th at 8pm to watch the films on the BIG screen and talk with the filmmakers!  Wear a costume- we are!  All this for only all $8 per person.  It’ll be a perfectly spooky beginning to your Halloween weekend.  See you there!

The following films will be a part of our Night of Fright:

The Baby Monitor” by Zach and Frank Appio

Despite the baby monitor, mom does not hear the sound coming from the child's closet. When she finally investigates, we gain a shockingly new perspective.

Jahovies” by Nick DeMartino

This is a terrifying move trailer showing a nightmare going door-to-door!

Ghost Tours” by Kristin Holodak

Sarah is torn between what she needs to do and what she loves to do. Only when she opens her eyes to the world around her can she make her choice.

Taking Out the Reaper” by Jacob McAuliffe

A comedy following a group of elderly nursing home occupants who decide to kill the Grim Reaper.

I Live With You” by Clancy Morgan

After being held captive for months, Anna finally escapes.

Breakfast In Dead” by Nick DeMartino

A grief-stricken husband tries to bring his recently deceased wife back from the dead using a toaster.

Dark Legacy” by Daniel Sparling

A young boy is lured into an abandoned barn by a dark spirit intent on eating him.  When the trap is sprung the spirit finds the boy to be more than a challenge.

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