Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The official PREVIEW of this week's TvFILM

This week’s TvFILM is so super-sized even Mayor Bloomberg has warned against watching so much independent film in one sitting.  We can’t help ourselves – checkout what’s coming your way:

Tyler  by Darian Henry & Bhawin Suchak
This short documentary film tells the story of 17 year-old Tyler Rhodes, who was stabbed to death in Albany in 2011, through the memories of his mother Stacey and the voices of young people who knew him.  The youth speak about ways we can prevent this type of violence in our communities. 

Learn more about Youth FX!

Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder by  Michael Landrio
Bipolar disorder is a volatile and difficult illness. Whether experiencing it or witnessing it, mania is a dangerous, yet beautiful thing.

Checkout Michael’s very cool blog and a Batman inspired film.

Leap by Joshua Dodway
The decision making process of a young man parallels the suspense of competitive diving. 

You're Welcome by Alex Nye 
A self-cleaning house, or is it? This charming film uses the technique of stop-motion. Great stop motion short film!

See you Sunday at 10:30pm!

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