Wednesday, June 6, 2012

TvFILM Season Four Rundown!

Here is the list of selected short films and filmmakers that WMHT will be featuring as part TvFILM, Season 4.  The 6-part weekly television series begins June 24 at 10:30pm. Film titles are listed in alphabetical order.

AMERICA america - Mark Gamma
A short film depicting the rise and fall of the American Dream.
American Love - Andy Cahill
Chris Jackson, a reporter for a local paper unlocks a story bigger than he could have possibly imagined.
Come Life - Sharon Alley
A film inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story “Canterbury Pilgrims”, in which two young Shakers who have fallen in love and are leaving the celibate religious community meet others who are disillusioned with life in the wider world who are seeking a better life with the Shakers.

The Hollow - Ken Omiya
A young man loses his identity through the shelter of a mask.

Laybabb: A Story In Gibberish - Mike Feurstein
A humorous and contemporary take on the story of the Tower of Babel, these vignettes feature modern versions of miscommunication where characters are the architects of their own misfortunes in love, business, friendship, pizza and crepes.

Leap - Joshua Dodway
The decision making process of a young man parallels the suspense of competitive diving. 

Math: Adds Up To More Than You Think - Stephen Blauweiss
This documentary short on the Art of Problem Solving’s Summer Math Intensive at Bard College covers the role of math in human development, the universality of math as well as its particularism, and the art and beauty of math. 

Personal Democracy - Hunter Dimin
This adaptation of the short story “Franchise” by Issac Asimov references powerful groups who have unjustified influence on elections in the 21st century. 

The Princess and the Dragon - Mark Fisk and Terence Tolman
A short film following the trials and tribulations of Meta the Dragon. 

Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder - Michael Landrio
Bipolar disorder is a volatile and difficult illness. Whether experiencing it or witnessing it, mania is a dangerous, yet beautiful thing.

The Secret Friend - Flavio Alves and Fernando Pinheiro 
A reclusive, elderly widow, Anna Marshall, lives in quiet desperation until she begins receiving daily calls from a silent stranger.

Tyler - Darian Henry and Bhawin Suchak 
This short documentary film tells the story of 17 year old Tyler Rhodes, who was stabbed to death in Albany in 2011, through the memories of his mother Stacey and the voices of young people who knew him.  The youth speak about ways we can prevent this type of violence in our communities. 
Vanished - Kate Shadlock      
The beauty of a home is far more significant than its bricks and mortar.

You're Welcome - Alex Nye 
A self-cleaning house, or is it? This charming film uses the technique of stop-motion.

Your Very Own Feast - Mike Blaney  
Roy, an office worker who sleepwalks through his days at work receives a time capsule that he wrote to himself as a senior in high school.  Elements of the real world begin to contaminate the refuge of his dreams as he realizes that his ambitions are unfulfilled. 

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