Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Me, Steven Spielberg and a Dan DiNicola Film Fest

Recently, I found out about a new film festival in Schenectady honoring the late journalist and film critic, Dan DiNicola.  The Dan DiNicola Memorial Little Italy Film Festival
actually started last Saturday and runs August 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd.  They’re screening some classic films outdoors, behind Perreca’s Bakery in Schenectady (make sure you bring a chair).  It sounds like some great summer nights of cinema while remembering a local media legend.  This festival got me thinking about Mr. DiNicola, his legacy and the many times I would see him on WRGB or read his film reviews in the Schenectady Gazette while I was growing up.  I also remembered the time as a teenager when I wrote Mr. DiNicola.  The letter was a defense of a filmmaking hero of mine, Steven Spielberg.  Mr. DiNicola wrote a not-so-positive review of Spielberg’s latest film at the time, “Always.”  I wrote a passionate defense of my hero’s latest cinematic effort and what I thought was some unfair criticisms.  To my surprise I received a response. 
Mr. DiNicola wrote a letter defending his review.  This was years before email, so we’re talking typewriters and the post office.  He showed his passion for cinema and joy of talking with another “movie fan.”  In the end, Dan was right – “Always” is dull and uninspired.
 I have posted below the review, my letter and his response.  Enjoy.  

-Brandon B.
Host/Producer, TvFILM 

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