Thursday, November 6, 2014

TvFILM Guy's Pitch to Submit!

Ok, so we’re at it again.  The TvFILM team is looking for more short films for our new season premiering this June.  I know you’ve heard this all before, send us your short film, your film on your public television station, yadda, yadda, yadda.   
What can I say now to convince you to submit your film or maybe encourage someone you know to submit?  
Well, to start with we pay.  TvFILM has paid filmmakers for the right to broadcast their films from the beginning of the series.  Take that You Tube!  TvFILM also interviews the filmmakers before we show their films in each episode. Think of it as your own director’s commentary.  We give selected filmmakers a voice to talk about their films.  I know you know this since you’re all avid viewers and fans of TvFILM.  Moving on.  Oh, and there’s the other minor, tiny, little detail- we’re going to BROADCAST YOUR FILM ON NETWORK TELEVISION!!!!  Live (not really) from the Capital Region, it’s your film on television! 
At this point I think TvFILM should sell itself but just in case there is any doubt that you should submit your film – we’re non-exclusive. This means you can submit your film to TvFILM and still submit to film festivals, distributors and anywhere else you would like to.
I’m dropping the mic, so-to-speak.  Please submit to TvFILM today.  The deadline is March 9th.  
Stay Tuned for more exciting news as season seven starts now! Thank you for your continued support.

Brandon B.
Host, Co-Producer

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