Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TvFILM Season SEVEN Films and Filmmakers!

The new season of TvFILM premieres Sunday, June 21st at 11pm.  TvFILM will also repeat the following Tuesday at 7:30pm!  Here's to another entertaining season!

Sunday, June 21st at 11pm
“The Break”  Kaarlo Luntta
A story about backstabbing, betrayal, and bowling. A man obsessed with bowling, and clueless to the rest of his life, has his game sabotaged by the people he thinks he knows and loves.
“Dark Legacy”  Daniel Sparling
A young boy is lured into an abandoned barn by a dark spirit intent on eating him.  When the trap is sprung the spirit finds the boy to be more than a challenge.

“A Dangerous Question”  Zaoli Zhong 
 This video is based on the concept: the part of a part. Ms. Zhong chose a real story of a friend who went back to Syria and died in Homs on May 28th, 2012. The video is about conversations, memories and questions with her friend.

Sunday, June 28th at 11pm
“Ghost Tours”  Kristin Holodak
Sarah is torn between what she needs to do and what she loves to do. Only when she opens her eyes to the world around her can she make her choice.

“Plea For The Tree”  Lawrence White
A different perspective of a cherished holiday symbol.

“XXXO”  Patrick Stephenson
Shot in the lush woods of the Adirondacks and a massive old marble quarry in Vermont, "XXXO" tells the story of a Space Cowboy intercepting a transmission of love while traveling through a lonely galaxy. Scored by, and starring, the Brooklyn based glam-rock band, Smile Swamp Princess.

Sunday, July 5th at 11pm
“Life in Fort Eden”  Caitlin Stedman
 Five-year-old Eden wants to visit her Dad. She can't understand why her Mom is reluctant to take her to the Army Fort where they were last together as a family. Not wanting to disappoint Eden, her Mom relents. The two pack a picnic and go see Eden's father, not at the fort where he was a soldier, but at the blanket fort Eden builds for him above his grave.

“Wire Life”  Daniel Sparling
This stop-motion short film is about a junk yard that gets a spark of life and that life has a mind of its own.

“Mama’s Boy”  Darian Henry and Majestic Tillman
A son has to consider desperate measures to help save his mother from a terminal illness, but what is the cost of his decisions?

Sunday, July 12th at 11pm
“Breakfast of Champions”  David Bunce
A finalist in the regional championships of the Scripps Spelling Bee prepares for his big moment. Dad is a proud father and a firm believer that hard work and preparation are the keys to success. This is the story of a boy with a big day and the attempts of his dad to prepare him for the test of his life."

“Spooner”  Jon Russell Cring, Sara Jecko and Daniel Scot Kadin
A musician has a very revealing day with her boyfriend and learns to trust herself and her own talent.

Sunday, July 19th at 11pm
“The Baby Monitor”  Zach and Frank Appio
A mom and baby are home alone.  Despite the baby monitor, mom does not hear the sound coming from the child's closet. When she finally investigates, we gain a shockingly new perspective.

“We Are Walking on the Same Great Road”  Zaoli Zhong
This is a short video dance that compared the lives of two generations in China. It’s based on Zaoli’s grandfather’s diary in a particular political context in 1960s and her experience of living in 21st century. 

Sunday, July at 26th 11pm
“Persephone”  Laurent Rejto
Estranged parents (Melissa Leo and Gilles Malkine) move heaven and hell to control their teen daughter Persephone (Lindsay Andretta) but she has dreams and aspirations of her own.

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