Tuesday, May 26, 2015


TvFILM season seven is now WRAPPED!  Three furious days of production and we have our next season in the can, so to speak in this digital age.  What are some highlights?  Well, I think it really started back when we received so many amazing films for our call for entries.  There are so many talented filmmakers, making great films in Upstate New York.  Every year I’m blown away.  It is a privilege for me and everyone at TvFILM to showcase these films and filmmakers each year.
This season we’re going to bring more of the same!  We have some great stop-motion animation, a professional dancer turned filmmaker, a musical adventure in space, creatures in the dark and hatred for Christmas trees.  And that’s just the tip of the ice burg.  For you to connect all the dots you’ll just have to tune-in.
And for you, who actually read this blog, a teaser.  We, here at Team TvFILM are 99% sure that this October we will have our first, EVER TvFILM Halloween Special! More to come on this very soon. We have an amazing season that is set to premiere on our new night and time – Sunday, June 21st at 11pm with a repeat Tuesday at 7:30pm.
Again, TvFILM season seven premieres Sunday, June 21st at 11pm! 

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