Thursday, June 4, 2015

I'm Matt Pinfield

When I was a kid I thought I would be the next George Lucas.  As I matured things changed, I saw “Taxi Driver” and just like that, I thought I would be the next Martin Scorcese.  Then one day in 1995 I saw a film I heard was just at Sundance, “Clerks.”  And just like that, I thought independent film was my in and Kevin Smith was my man.  Well fast forward 20 years and two cheesy horror, sci-fi films and two uncompleted films later and here I am working in television in Albany, New York.  I’m not complaining.  Recently, I was cruising in my new car – see I do have it pretty good.  Anyway, it came with Sirius, you know satellite radio.  Yes, the one with Howard Stern.

One day I heard Matt Pinfield on the 90’s alternative channel, Lithium.  Just in case you do not know who Mr. Pinfield is, he started out as a radio DJ but is best known as a vee-jay on MTV, most notably MTV2’s 120 Minutes.  He brought the best alternative music, yet-to-be discovered to suburbia.  As I listened to Matt on Sirius spew a multitude of music jargon I found myself walking down memory lane.  His knowledge of the past, current and future music scenes is expansive but it’s his obvious love of everything music that draws you in as a listener.
I’m not sure if Mr. Pinfield ever was or considered being a musician.  I always thought of myself as a filmmaker.  But here I am more of a commentator on local independent filmmaking then actual participant.  Now I’m not saying that I’m done trying to make my own “Citizen Kane.”  But listening to Matt made a link in my brain with my experience as host of TvFILM and his curation through the years of music.  While on this same car ride home from work I had a brief, Walter Mitty daydream that I could be as good as Matt in the hosting department but instead of music it would be indie-film. 
So, my goal for TvFILM season seven is to be the Matt Pinfield of local indie-film!  Longshot?  Yup, but tune-in anyway, it’ll be funny.  The PREMEIRE of TvFILM season 7 is Sunday, June 21st at 11pm!

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